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Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life
Burst of Life

Burst of Life

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Regular price $398.00 $239.00 USD

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Estimated delivery in 4-8 weeks: The painting and drying will takes 4-6 weeks and 1-2 weeks for framing.

100% freshly hand-painted exclusively for You!

Every piece is niquely one-of-a-kind worldwide.

SKU : D0024008

In every corner, colors spring,
A vibrant tale, the canvas sings.
Splashes of joy, arcs of light,
Unfolding life, an enchanting sight.

There's more to see, a deeper tale,
Beyond each brushstroke, large or frail.
Vivid streaks dance with mirth,
As if bringing silent whispers to birth.

In vivid loops and daring twirls,
The canvas spins, unfurling worlds.
A burst of life, forever sowed,
In every touch, a hidden code.

Size Guide

Choosing the right size for your space is easy with our straightforward guide.

Small Sizes
(40x55cm / 55x40cm / 40x40cm)
Ideal for compact spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms.
Most Popular Sizes
(60x80cm / 80x60cm / 80x110cm / 110x80cm / 60x60cm / 80x80cm)
These versatile dimensions are perfect for most areas, including above sofas or beds. They also work well on walls that aren't completely empty but have some furniture.

Larger Sizes
Great for filling an empty wall space where there are no other pieces of furniture like sofas, tables, or beds.

    *Note: If the ceiling height of your home is 2.7m or higher, we recommend opting for the next larger size for the best visual impact.

    Burst of Life

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